Our herbal tea boxes are an amazing gift for yourself or for someone special! Boxes will change based on the seasons and upcoming holidays! The items in the box will be updated monthly as we alternate the contents to fit the occasion! 


1Herbal Tea

1 Tea sampler

1 Juice Sampler

2 Loose Herb Blends

Crystal (Red Jasper)

Kiss of Silk Products: Lip vitamin, Jade Tears Facial Serum, Onyx Soap Bar

Father Day Tea Box

Herbal Sampler 2
Herbal Sampler
Tea Sampler
Juice Sampler
160z Tea
  • Tea flavors include
    Anti : dandelion , burdock , mint , elderberry , slippery elm

    Immunity : tumeric , ginger , chamomile

    Peace of mind : chamomile , ginger, lavender

    Sweetest thing : cinnamon , clove, elderberry , mint , hibiscus

    Yellow Aura: Rasberry Leaf, Ginger 

    Juice :

    Green Iron : Swiss Chard, Kale, Dandelion, Apple, Apricot, Rasberry

    Sunny Side: Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Ginger 




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